May 21, 2011

what a day!!!

It was an un-expected happening in our area today. It was some kind of demonstrations. Since we just live very close to the demonstration area, we went there. Curious!!! We met Wennerholm family across the street. We had some chats and after a while we went to our separate destinations.

We had a walk today since the weather was fine. After walking we went directly to the grocery store to buy some stuff, went home and relax. I went out again to do some shopping. I bought 2 blouses, cooking book and some kitchen utensils. It was super sale!!!

I went home and relax a bit then went out again to have my date. Yes I had another date (not my husband). Guess who? I had date with Jesus today. I went to church to attend a mass and had some prayers.

It was little bit tiring going there and going back because some bus stations are close due to some marathon and some militant rally in the city. Huh!!!

Gosshhh what a day today but at least we’re home now. We had our tortang talong (Eggplant omelet) and grilled pork for dinner.

Have a good and safe weekend folks.

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SHY said...

haha..mura mn ta og nagtxt na mgkita, ana ako bana what a small world daw hehe..kad2 pauli napod mo kay nakita napod ta mo, naa mn gud me sa likod hehe..naa mo mga bitbit na plastic bag seems un ung pinamili nyo..i think banda na un sa inyo kasi bumalik kami sa rally hehe..