May 5, 2011

CC: Not yet mommy/Aunt… According to my Husband

Couple's Corner

This week topic for Couples Corner is about “I, as a mother/ Aunt… According to my husband”. This is the honor to mothers day month.

Well I cannot say what kind of mother I am according to my husband because I’m not yet a mother. I would love too but still I we don’t have my own baby yet.

But being an aunt to my nephews and niece, i could tell I’m too much, hubby said.

When my sister Marlyn’s baby boy "Marc" born, I took care of him like my own baby. I spoiled him and gave him the best love I could ever give. I was taking care of him like my own.

Then came another nephew Zheecky where I presented myself as his godmother. I wanted to be ONLY godmother but of course the parents of Zheecky couldn’t say no to their friends.

Quin2x born November which I was very happy because it’s almost same date as my birthday. When I found out that Gina was expecting a baby girl, all I thought was going to store here in Sweden and bought some stuff for her little girl. And suddenly the day of our flight, I forgot some stuff for my nephews because I was just excited for my first niece.

Am I too much as an aunt? Yes as my husband said. I’m doing everything for my angels and as my husband said, you’re not their mother so back up a little. Hehehe but my reasons is always, “I’m just with them few days when we’re in Philippines. SO let me do what I want to do”.

As my husband said. “Dear, you can be a good mother because you love babies”. Oh God please give us baby. One reason also why I studying to become a teacher is because I would love to work to kids.

SO mommies, I’m not yet a mommy but I wrote so many stuff about being an aunt. Am I just so eager to have my own. Happy mother’s day to all mommies.


sheng said...

i do love babies in..lalo na pag may nakikita kaming bata sa place nmin or kahit sa park naku parang gusto kong hiramin muna...

sana sis tau na rin ang susunod na mabiyayaan ng cute little one.

Happy CC!

tejan said...

your husband is right that you're a good a I can see you love children..soon you will be

KC said...

Pareho tayo te ng simula :) Mga anak ng ate ko ang una kong mga babies kaya spoiled din sila sa akin..Di naman kase kami agad nagkaanak kase nga nasa Pinas pa ako nun a year after kinasal kami..kaya nung nagka-baby na, sobrang iba na ang feeling..Walang kapantay!!

Mommy Liz said...

I do believe that you will be a great mom since you're showing love for your niece and nephews. I love my nieces and nephew, only they're thousand miles away from me. I do spoil them as well, and I don't see anything wrong with that. Take care

JonaBQ said...

being a great aunt that you are, i believe that you'll be a great mom when you become one Jenny :Dmy late CC entry