May 19, 2011

CC: Me being a daughter

Couple's Corner

Couple Corner topic for this week is “Daughter”. Me being a daughter.

Actually when I and hubby met, he knew directly that I am a good daughter. Hehehe. He didn’t see anything that he didn’t like being me as a person or daughter.

Until now, as he said, Dear you’re the best daughter to mama. You’re not perfect but, I know and I feel that you’re good enough to your mother/parents.

Even if I’m very far from my mother, I make sure that I show, express and tell her all the time how much I love her. She’s the best mama I know and whatever happened or if the world starts all over again, I would still choose my mother/my parents to be my mama/parents.

Sometimes, I asked myself, how I could be like my mother if I don’t have my own baby. I mean, lots of my friends told me that you can just feel and knows what’s the feeling of your mother when she gave birth and all the sacrifices until you become a mother too. It might be too simple to think but I know I cannot pay enough amounts to give thanks to my mother for taking care to all of us.

My father died 5 years ago. I know how much he loves us, proud of us and did everything to give us a brighter future. He's happy in heaven watching us here on earth.

Happy couple’s corner everybody!!!


Chie_Wilks said...

nice post sis..very young looking ang mother mo sa pics. so you have no baby pa pala sis jenny? pareho tau..sabi nila hindi pa raw tau bayad sa mother natin kasi we haven't experienced giving birth yet heehe

Chie_Wilks said...

anyway, my entry for CC is here:

Jenny said...

wala pa ako baby Chie eh. iwan ko bakit hindi pa rin ako nabubuntis..:)

Kelan kaya ako makakabarayd sa mama ko?hehe

Kim, USA said...

Your mom is very young Jen, love her to the fullest nag iisa lang yan. Happy Thursday!

Couples Corner

teJan said...

loving and sweet daughter you are Jenny:)happy CC!

simply kim said...

that was very nice.. you parents are lucky to have you as a daughter the same way you are lucky to have them as your parents..

my ENTRY is up by the way..

lina@happy family said...

I can see your closeness with your mom...
Sorry for my late visit :)

Mommy Liz said...

Lucky for both of you to have each other as mother and daughter. I wasn't raised to tell my family how much I feel for them, but I do it in a different way. Hope you can get your Mama there to be with you.