May 15, 2011

Sweet Saturday #4: Turkey vacation

First and foremost, I would like to ask an apology to the owner of this meme ”Sweet Saturday” Jona, for my late entry for this week. I and hubby were out of Sweden yesterday. We drove to Germany for many hours and when we came home, we were very tired and flat down.HUH!!!

Anyway here’s my entry for this week. This was taken on our Turkey vacation last March. Have a good Sunday couples.

Our last day walk at the beach

Having some drinks in the "hotel bar" after our long walk
Our first day in Turkey.


JonaBQ said...

magandang exercise yan walking haha! kidding aside, it's good to visit places coz you learn together from your experiences about the people and places you go to. lagi kayong vacation mode ha, sarraapppp!
thanks for joining Jenny :D

kim said...

so sweet... i wish i could visit Turkey someday, lol!

lina@women's perspectives said...

So sweet Jenny! Turkey is one of my dream destinations. I really wanna visit Turkey :)

Gin Hansson said...

@Jona..actually we need to take more walks..look at our fat body..heheh.

@Kim..thanks po. Turkey really an amazing place. Just be careful for some fued people..

@Lina... There are lots of Turkey beaches that are really outstanding...try to visit one and have fun..

I and hubby really love to travel..:9