Feb 28, 2009

Good day

Walking is one way of good training for our body. If we walk at least 30 minutes or 1 hour a day, it will result as active and not easily get tired for a little work or walk. We used to walked before when it was not winter yet but suddenly i had decided to stop because of I'm clumsy and easy to fall down for just a little slippery (especially if it's snowing or ice on the streets). Today, me and my husband took a little walk. Maybe at least it was almost an hour. We're getting chubby so we must take at least 1 hour walk everyday. It's very good for the health and it's also fun. Walking with my husband is one way of our bonding moments. We talked everything and anything under the sun and we laughed and get irritated also.While we're walking we had decided to go to some kind of mall just to look something.

I was looking for a new pair of boots shoes because my other boots is little bit broken already and i only have my winter boots. We wasn't expected that there's still a winter shoes sale that one of good and branded store in that mall. We took a look and I'm happy that i found the boots that i really want and i really like. I've been looking for this kind of boots since i came here in Sweden so at least almost 2 years already...LOL. I will not mention the brand but it's a girl name and the cost is reasonable. Here's a pic of my new pair of boots. Does it looks beautiful?

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weng said...

yes walking is good for the health. I use to walk everyday going to my workig place, the good thing, it is not far from our house. Pero pag summer I usually bike :)