Feb 13, 2009

Sad news!!!

Life is a full of surprises. Today i recieved a text from anonymous number. At first i wondered why he/she texted me that way and it seems she/he know me well. Second text, she put her name and shes full of sadness in her text. Then i found out that she is our neighbour way back in my provice (neg.occ). She just want to express about what she feel at the moment. Her mother died yesterday but unfortunately not with them. Her mother supposedly visit her relatives in Davao but then she was very sick when she arrived there! The doctor said, it was just a fever then the next doctor found out that it was a liver cancer. She was just 3 days in the hospital then she died yesterday.

My friend cannot accept what happened to her mama. Same as what i felt when my father died. We was not at my father side also because i was working in Makati and my parents was in the province. The day my father died, it was seem my last day. It seems i dont want to continue my life without a father. Then we came home to province the next afternoon! It was all a nightmare to me when i saw my father laid on the coffin. All my sisters and brothers was there and can't accept what happened.

Until now still i cannot accept that my father is dead. He died almost 3 years already because of heart attack but still i just think that he's still alive and he's just in the province as he used to stayed. Maybe thats why i always dream of my father. Sometimes i dreamed him 3 times a night.

My family, relatives and friends who knows that i always dream of my father, advising me to accept the fact that hes dead. But how can i? Its very difficult especially when i remembered him. They told me that life must go on. One of the family member gone but there is also coming.

I always pray that i can accept that hes not with us anymore and i hope he will be REST IN PEACE! I love you papa.

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Toni said...

It's always hard to loose a loved one. I lost my sister three years also. It seems at times like she's not really gone, just away and I haven't talked to her. But in truth she's in heaven with Jesus, whom she accepted as her personal Savior. I'm left with the memories of her but also the knowledge that I will see her again when the Lord calls me home,as I too have accepted him as Savior. Though we may not know or understand why we loose our loved ones we can know tat God's goodness and in his perfect will there was a reason.