Feb 19, 2009

That's what life is

As i mentioned in my previous post, we supposedly go to KEIL Germany for our anniversary and valentines date but we didn't do it for a very important reasons. First my husband had OT (overtime) work last saturday. He can't say "NO" to work that day because it was urgent work. Second, I am almost 2 years living here in Sweden so i must renew my visa. To be exact on april 12 i will be 2 years here so we've been to SKATTEVERKET and MIGRATIONSVERKET today to submitt my renewal papers. I could get same visa as i have now UPPEHALLSTÅND (i dont know what's in english) but my husband will that i can get my permanent visa so that we don't need to reniew next year. We must wait atleast 3 months for my permanent visa. We will have an interview (i dont know yet when) and we must go back there to migrationsverket for my new photo and new signature.

I really hope that they will release my permanent visa not so long time because we want to travel this coming summer. We haven't decided yet where we go but we had planned already maybe Thailand or Vietnam. As long as i dont have my visa, we cannot book or buy ticket now. It's cheaper to buy now than on the summer time.

Hoping to have my visa soon so that we can travel again wherever we want. God knows... wish me luck guys, thanks.

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