Feb 26, 2009

What a days i had....

It's been a quite long time since my last post. I've been busy and came home late or very tired sometimes. But i hope i could have more time next week to visit and post here in my blog.

Anyway, as you all remembered or read, that we've been to Germany for a few days vacation. (3 nights). It was really fun and excited.
At night in the ship bar, we sat and drunk little with live music (stenaline band). I took plenty picture but unfortunately i cannot put all here. LOL...

We had buffet breakfast costed 10EURO each. Eat all you could so i grab the opportunity and ate all i could..hahaha. It was good and usual morning food. We ate lunch in some kind of German restaurant. The food was ok but i don't really had my appetite yet because i was still full of my breakfast and i'm just excited to go on shopping. I was too much excited to go on shopping but i don't really buy plenty. Here's the picture of what had i bought. It was not expensive at all but i really like all of these.

The ship left in Germany around 7pm (19.00) so we must go back before the said time. While waiting the ship to leave, me and my husband go to the top of the ship and drunk little and ofcourse took plenty pictures, as usual.

When we was at the middle of Germany and Denmark, it was really heavy snows. I could take plenty pictures but i hate to think that i left my jacket in our cabin. I just had my sweater (trojan) but even if i just had sweater still we took pic:(.i was freezing and can't stay any more longer,grrrrr...

I hope you all guys have always a nice day. Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing that you're always be my friend... It that a song?hehehhee just wondered.

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