Feb 20, 2009

That was i thought!

As i posted yesterday, I thought i cannot travel until i cannot get my PERMANENT VISA. But one staff from MIGRATIONSVERKET called my husband today and told that i can still travel until my visa expiration (april 12). I was in my practicum today so i was very much surprise when my husband called me and informed me that we will go somewhere later tonight. I thought we will just go to some place here in Sweden but when i came home he told me to prepare and pack the things because we will travel to KEIL Germany tonight at 7PM (19.00). I was very happy and excited.

I just open my laptop and leave a message to my family and post here in my blog. We will be there for just 2 days so see you all guys soon.

Have a nice and happy weekend everybody. Have fun whatever plan and will do this weekend.

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