Feb 9, 2009

34 months anniversary

It's our 34 months anniversary today with my husband. I'm very happy and satisfied of our relationship even sometimes we have little misunderstanding. Misunderstanding and little fight is part of a relationship. These things can make the relationship stronger and longer.
Happy anniversary dear and i hope we stay forever and ever. Jag älskar dig jättemycket i mitt hela liv.... (I love you very much in my whole life)


Dorothy L said...

Hello Jenny...Congratulations on your happiness.
Sweety...if we never experience rough times in our would we ever truly appreciate the good times :)
It is healthy to debate between each other as long as you remember to let by gone's be by gone's :)


weng said...

hello Jen, di ko talaga nakita yong comment ko sa post na to kahapon .
but anyway this is another try :)
happy anniversary to both of you. and welcome to blogosphere.
ganyan din ako noon walang alam sa blog blog pati ngaun di pa expert, pero ok lang hehe
take care..