May 18, 2010

nutritional recipes

As you know guys, I and hubby are trying to do our diet. We started our dieting few months ago already and as of now we feel that it really works. We feel that weren't that heavy and we lost some weights.

At first it was really difficult for us to do dieting because we both love to eat. One more thing was we used to buy finished foods which were not really good. And even if we cooked at home, still we didn't really care if it was healthy or what so ever. What we wanted was it would satisfy our taste.

But of course we're grown and we knew that healthy foods would be good for us. So as a wife, I tried myself to cook or prepare dilicous foods for us. I was not really aware of some healthy recipes that could help us satisfied our taste but at the same time healthy foods.

p90x recipes guide me on how to prepare nutritious foods. I'm really glad that because of this guideline, I managed our foods healthy and nutritious.

Our coming vacation in Turkey will be fun because for sure we will not be shy wearing our swimming attire, summer clothes and we can wear any kinds of clothes.


Andrea said...

We eat mostly organic and try to make wise choices.

Jenny said...

healthy foods are still best for our body