May 6, 2010

two girls in a day

Two of my very good friends celebrating their birthday today.

Our dear Filipina friend Jennifer, Soraida, or payat as we call her is celebrating her birthday today. She’s a friend who is always there for us every time we need helps. It doesn't matter what kind of help we want from her as long as she has or can, she will do it generously.

Thanks Jen for always there for us and for being a nice friend. I hope that we can be friends forever. I’m happy that you found again your true love to the guy name Mr. M...hehehe

Lala Gul or Gulala is my friend from Iraq. She's my classmate from our Swedish subject and she has been very nice to me since the day I met her. When I first met her she couldn't speak English but now she's learning and proud to say that she can speak English now.

To you Jen and Gulala, happy happy birthday to both of you. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Continue being a nice person, loving and beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your day.