May 13, 2010

was her first time

I'm not really busy this week from schools so I just stayed home and relax. I had my social study political debate (final exam) last Tuesday. As of now, I don’t really have so much work to do. It’s just some paper works that need to be submitted tomorrow.

Since I’m just at home, my other Filipina friend Margot visited me (for the first time) yesterday with her cute little boy. I cooked pork sinigang for our lunch. The little boy was sleeping when we were eating so we were chatting not too loud voice.

We were just chatting then time was already late and it was raining so it was time for them to go home. My husband was on his way to supposedly meet Margot but just 3 minutes after Margot left, my husband came. But since they're not here anymore, we just instead called Margot and say, maybe next time....

It's fun to be with a friend especially someone who could understand and share with some of your problems and share some thoughts. ..

Tack för senast girl... See you again tomorrow...


Dhemz said... cute...ehhehe..bagay na bagay sau mag hold ng baby sis...kaya gawa na kau ni hubby mo...ehehhehe!

Jenny said...

segi na nga gagawin ko na lahat na posisyon para makabuo na ako..hehehe