May 27, 2010

my grades

Today was my final school day of this term.

This week would be the week that I would know if I pass all my subjects and what would be my grades. Monday I attended my math subject for the last time and my teacher gave me a G grades (passed). Tuesday was supposedly my two subjects but the night of Monday my teachers sent me through email about my grades. I got VG (well-passed) for both subject, then yesterday was my social study which I got G+ (passed plus).
I'm happy enough about all the grades that I got from all my subjects. And today we had our last meeting/little party in our social study. We ate, said goodbyes, thanked our teacher and of course picture taking.

Even if I don’t have school for few months still I must study at home so that the time I’ll be back to school at least I can still know or remember some. Huh this is a student life...

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