May 1, 2010

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Age sometimes doesn't matter about eye problems. I saw there are lots of kids who are wearing eyeglasses in their very early age.

I remember when I first had my eyeglasses I was only 16 years old. I found it very uncomfortable and I look older than my age due to my eyeglasses but because I need it and I must have an
eyewear to avoid eyes pain.

College times where I stayed awake until early in the morning studying my lessons, did my assignments, my eyes were getting worst. It was not really easy for me because as usual I don’t felt confident having it all the time. But it was one day that I thought I couldn't see or read. I just saw white image and nothing more so I started to use it every day and I just take it off it when I go to bed and sleep.

So as of now, I don’t really use my eyeglasses every day. I mean I have it when I couldn’t handle my eyes pain. But in my husband case, he always have
eyewear because he couldn't' see if he don’t have it.

I’m still thankful that I can go out without my eyeglasses and as of now, I already have time to the optician to check up my eyes and maybe upgrade my eyeglasses.