May 3, 2010

bathroom problem

I have a friend who really really like to take a long hot bath together with her husband or kids. This is their every day bonding and this is their usual routine. It will help them to relax from all the stresses and it will feel them happy after their bath.

Last week they didn't notice that their drainage was leaking. The water came out and they didn't know what happened because they just had their bathroom renovation few months ago. But since they didn’t know why, they just called the apartments management so that they can fix it.

Directly they checked and found out that they must change the water tube into a bigger one. That was meant that they will open and break the tiles. Also they suggested them some changes since they will fix again the bath room.

Without hesitations, my friend said yes directly to them when they asked me if it's ok to do some changes in the bathroom. My friend wants to put
bath vanities for her kids so she asked to leave spaces for her to put the vanities.

It was no problem to them; they will start fixing the bathroom very soon. And it will take at least a week for them to fix everything.

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