May 23, 2010

weekend food

Wow we really feel the summer weather here in Sweden. It's not really hot but at least we could go out without using jackets.I and hubby took a very long walk yesterday. The sun was shining too much and the degree was I think 20 so it was perfect for a long walk.

After our walked of course we stopped over to a lunch buffet as usual. It was our first time eating in that particular resto. The restaurant is new and they have many different kinds of foods. Chinese, Indonesian, sushi, Indian and of course Swedish foods.
As usual we’re full as we were... We went home and sat in our balcony to just relax and feel the warm surroundings.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys...

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Anonymous said...

What a peace providing entry of yours. Please have you all a wonderful Tuesday.

Please update your blogrole, as sadly the "barefoot navigation" had to be closed, due to various problems with a reader.

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