May 20, 2010

sunny and fun day

Yesterday was our traditional football day in my school. It was very sunny and very tiring day. I was one of the working crews of the said event and my duty was to stop those people who over pass the football area.After lunch time, the sun was shining so much that it seems could burn my skin. I felt that way because after many months of cold, it was just yesterday that we had that wonderful weather.All in all, the day was fun and happy as we expected to be but unfortunately my school team lose the game. I didn't really know who won as champion because I went home before the championship games.I can really feel the summer hot. Love it and can't wait to go without using jacket.


Andrea said...

Dropping in to thank you for all your sweet comments on my blogs.
Blessings, andrea

Jenny said...

You're very welcome Andrea..

God bless and happy weekend

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