Mar 3, 2009

My teacher visited me

I knew from last week that my teacher would visit me today in my practicum place. I was excited and can't wait to see her personaly. Around 10.30 am came her with a smile and she was happy to see me directly. It was raining but she told me that " it doesn't matter if it's raining as long as i see you happy and have smile in your face directly you see me everything is perfect".

I introduced her to my colleague (working mate) and ofcourse to my hand leader (handledare in swedish). She talked and asked me some questions and she was glad that i talked to her in a very good swedish grammar. And later then, she asked my hand leader how am i in my practicum place. My hand leader answered as proud as she is. She said that Jennie is a future good working mate to whoever she will work to. She have a good initiative and always happy and active all the time. She is the best student i ever have. It's good to hear that word. Thanks to my hand leader Sussanne.

I miss my school, my teachers, and my friends so i was very happy atleast i saw today one of my teachers. I still have 1½ week in my practicum place (8days to be exact). I'm sure as soon as i'm finish my OJT (practic), i will miss all of them especially the sweet and lovable kids.

Thats life, there's come inn and there's come out. There is starting and there will be ending also. Life is a roller coaster.

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