Jan 26, 2011

CC: our promises

Opppsss am I still welcome for my entry? I know I

Anyway I’ve been busy last few months for so many reasons but no need to evaluate. I know Liz would understand and knows some…

I missed few CC entries but I try to post it for the coming days. As of now I would love to write my entry on this week topic. What are our promises?

These are some of our promises:

1. Be there for each other’s need (oink)

2. Be honest… Honesty is the best policy…

3. Be true of showing our feelings…including quarrels time

4. Love each other as much as we love ourselves

5. Support each other


My promises to him are:

6. I promised not to be so much sensitive… (I am crying lady)

7. Answered his questioned not only by saying NO but with supporting words

8. Help him on everything I can

9. Be true to him either it could be for good or bad

So much more…

His promises are:

10. Minimize being “makulit”

11. Minimize being irritated

12. Be there for me whenever I needed him

13. Love me forever…

And a lot more…

And lot more promises… All I wish is that I hope promises are not made to be broken… Happy Couple's corner everyone.


simply kim said...

wow! that was so sweet... good luck on that!

Mommy Liz said...

Being sensitive is normal, so..goodluck on that, hahaha! It's really great that couples promise whatever they can to keep the marriage happy and successful, there are times that when both parties aren't putting any effort on working towards the marriage, then, it's possible na masira di ba? If we have a goal and we are willing to make it work, then it will. Honesty is always the best policy.:)

You are always welcome in joining here Jenny.

Rossel said...

your long list just means you're both working hard for your happy married life last forever. that's sweet!

good luck, sis! mine is here...