Jan 16, 2011

after his accident

After few months of just at home and never went out, at last my husband did his first long walked yesterday after his accident.

We were planning this walk for few days and finally we did it. My husband was eager to try to take a long walk to know how it could be after his operations. We’ve been to Backa plan which it would only take 5 minutes to normal walk but it was 20 minutes for my husband struggling also for the snow and slippery road.

Directly we came home, I breathe so deeply and thank God at least nothing bad happened for my husband long walk.

Now we don’t know yet when we will try to take a walk again. It’s icing roads, streets, all over so we’ve better wait until the ice is gone.

Happy sunday everyone…

P.S. While I was walking slowly with my husband I took some pictures of the snowy surroundings...Here are some pictures which i took using my HTC phone…

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