Jan 28, 2011

with friends

I’ve been very thankful to have friends who I can meet and chat “anytime” here in Sweden.

As you know guys, Tejan (Insights) and Shy ( A Journey for Life) has been my friend since my first year here in Sweden. And we’ve been meeting every now and then. Tejan was in Philippines last December and by that time, I and Shy hasn’t meet due to our respective private life obligations.

Last Friday, Shy and I visited Tejan (Highlights) since she’s back from her vacation. And finally I met Khim (Anything at all) for the first time. We’ve been commenting on our blog post and been friend on facebook for a quite long time but never been meet her until last Friday. Nice meeting you Khim (Man and food). It was nice to be again with Shy and Tejan with her two lovely girls. Plus meeting Khim and Nheng and of course the yummy Filipino foods.

Today we’ve been to another Filipina friend. Nheng invited us today and had lunch with their white house half hour by train from where we live.. We had of course lots of foods, bundle of laughs and undying teases. And met another filipina, Jocelyn.

Thanks both of you mommy Tejan and mommy Nheng for the invitations. For the soon to be mommy Shy, sorry if I let you ran today…hehehe.

Friends are treasure… Friends are gold… friends are there anytime..and friends and friends…


S-H-Y said...

Ingen fara, maganda din un para sa exercise ko hahaha..

lerra said...

Oy! thanks sa pag link hah! I am also blessed having friend like you jen. Stay sweet. godbless! bitaw mo!

Jenny Blogger said...

@Shy..huh hangak ta og dagan oy..heheh but at least wala ta plete..

@Lerra... thanks for being a nice friend and thanks for letting me carry you babies..