Jan 24, 2011

pork sinigang

Sweden still minus degrees “freezing”. The ice is slowly melting but there would be coming snow for the coming days. Huh!!!

Some kind of soup would be very yummy especially this weather. So I used to cooked foods with soup. I woke up very early this morning for my early subject in school. I was very tired that made me slept few hours directly I came home.

I was very hungry when I woke up so I decided to cook pork sinigang sa gabi for my late lunch. Pork sinigang with of course with hot rice.

Here’s my pork sinigang sa gabi. Happy Monday everyone.


teJan said...

aayyy kalami..pagatas man ni oi! la man ka nanawag..hehhe!

Jenny said...

sarap higop sabaw kasi malamig pa rin eh..heheh