Jan 30, 2011

never surrender

My Sunday words are:

Life is a constant battle for a survival,

And as we grow older

The rules changes on daily basis.

But our mission is to not escape

But to survive…

Not to deal with triumph

But to deal with failure…

Not to run away from fear

But to master it…

It takes courage to keep on fighting

So if you feel like rules has shifted

One step higher…

Deal with it, with greater faith

And never surrender…

Happy a blessed Sunday everyone…

P:S: Thanks J.B for this inspirations message.


Laikka said...

like! (hhehe murag sa facebook bah!)
happy sunday!

David Funk said...

Very inspirational indeed! I like it.

Have a great week Jenny!

Jenny Blogger said...

@Laikka...thanks sa likes..heheh FB din..

@David..happy weekend too my friend