Jan 22, 2011

being generous

As you know guys, my husband had been operated and stayed in the hospital for 11 days including last Christmas. Even if he was in the hospital during Christmas, he didn’t forget his Christmas gift to me.

Directly he came home (New Year’s Day), he bought his presence to me. A new HTC wildfire phone was his gift to me. I’m very thankful for my husband's generosity. He likes to give me things than flowers or chocolates...

Since I got new phone, I suggested him also to purchase new one for him. At first he thought that it’s really useless to buy new one coz our phones are not really old yet. But after few days of thinking, he bought Nokia C7 for himself.

Thanks my dear for always being generous to me.


Andrea said...

Hope these phones work out well for you, but most of all I pray your hubby is on the mend and doing well.

teJan said...

nice deserves it so well!