Jan 8, 2011

logo company

As u know guys, I was working as company secretary for six years and on those years I’ve been happy, satisfied and well paid.

I remember when our company was just started our branch in some different countries, one thing that my boss asked me or wanted me to look for was some
Logo Design Company to make our logo. Of course in every places that we've have our branch we had also different logo design company that did our wanted logos.

In every country or places that we had company branch, we had also some kind of little changes of our logo. Not totally changed but we add some colors, little bit designs or just change the first or last letter of our company name.

At first I didn’t really understand what was on the mind of my boss. As I thought, company must have same colors, design and everything on the logos. But later on my boss answered all my questions by saying, the more we change little things on our logo, the more it will capture the attentions to people. And every time we change it, it means we have something new that we could offer to those who need our company service.

All of the sudden I realized why that long period of time that I’m working there, I encountered different kind of applicants, workers, offers abroad and so on. I love my work and if I would have a chance to get or go back to that work, I would gladly accept and work there again but unfortunately there's no Philippines branch now.

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