Apr 11, 2011

blooming surroundings

Its spring time and you can really feel the good temperature. I love this season because despite of hearing the birds singing, you can see also the blooming surroundings. Different colors and different smell of flowers are everywhere. It looks very beautiful and relaxing especially the trees got their greenly leaves again.

One thing also I like on spring time is that, the weather is not so cold neither too hot. It’s perfect for walking, jogging and even just going to the park.

But of course summer time is the perfect time for grilling, have picnic at the park and play sports in the park.

Have a blessed Monday everyone.


Laikka said...

yessss..heheh its getting better and better everyday. linked you up at LAikka's blog!

good day!

Jenny Blogger said...

hayyy summer is coming na...longing talaga

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