Apr 15, 2011

CC: Dear, are we lost?

Dear are we lost? This is the topic for Couple’s Corner this week. I was little confused about the date of this CC but it doesn’t matter. As long as Liz (the owner of this CC) posted hers then we’ll follow.

Rodliz’s Nest

I remember this happened once when we’re driving to my sister in laws summer house. My husband really good in finding a way or direction but that time we came from opposite part. We were from Germany and supposedly just drop by to my in laws place and have some coffee before driving home. My husband knows the way from Gothenburg but not from Germany.

So when we thought that we’re near, my husband called his sister and said where we should turn (right or left) and continue talking on the phone for a while. She said on the first big road left. But unfortunately we passed through already on that big road left. He was blaming me and I get irritated because if he could just put down the phone and look for the way, then we couldn’t be lost.

We we’re just too close when he called his sister but because of what happened it took another hour to find the way to the summer house.

We both quiet and didn’t talk until he recognize that we’re there. We didn’t tell his sister our lost because she might laugh at us.hahaha

That was the first time we got lost. Driving a car is also like driving our lives. Sometimes we lost in our way, but we know that we could go back to the right way and continue our destinations.

Drive your car safely and drive your life in a right way. Good morning everyone.

These picture above where taken while finding our way. It was raining, windy and dark day.

serious driver


teJan said...

hehhe, swedish are good in orientering but still bleeeh they get lost! heheh.

Soulful said...

why do women always get the blame? lol!

Jona said...

blameshifting is a common scenario when getting lost haha :D
my CC is here

Jenny Blogger said...

@tejan...ayaw pa kamo mag pa help ng directions..heheh

@Soulful..exactly? we're just trying to help but we ended up blaming..

@Jona... we better just shut up?heheh

Mommy Liz said...

Hehehe, ikaw pa ang sinisi at nawala kayo? typical man. Hubby ko kapag nawawala kami naiirita, tapos ayaw naman magtanong, kaasar..

sensiya na namali ang date, inayos ko na po, hehehe..