Apr 18, 2011

Black Chic #1

I like meme’s because this could show on what kind of person we are. What are our favorites, our addictions, our fashion and etc.I am joining this black chic meme. Black shows lots of meaning. For some, they said it’s for sadden, darken or bad luck but for me black sometimes show luxury and elegant.

As my first entry, I would like to share this picture of one of our laptops that already giving away. My youngest sister Annie have this now.


Kat said...

I've always liked black on laptops because they minimize the scratches lol aside from looking Chic of course.

Thanks so much for joining us on Chic In Black Monday. Looking forward to your next Chic entries in the coming weeks. Have a blessed week ahead!

January said...

mine is also black..:)

Here’s My Chic in Black

C5 @ Under My Fingertips said...

black is for elegance and seriousness... :)

CIBM2 #3
C5 @ Under My Fingertips

Donna Lei said...

lucky sister :)

2nd entry to CIB: