Apr 27, 2011

CC: When He Doesn't Like What I cooked

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Cooking is one thing that i like to do. I love cooking and I love to eat too.

Couple's Corner topic for this week is When He doesn’t like What I cooked. This topic could make me feel sad in a way...huhuhuh

Anyway, as I said, I love to cook and cooking is my fashion. Of course I did my best to cook my Filipino dish here in Sweden. Filipino menu is I always on my husband’s table and I always want him to choose among those from my menus then I’ll cook for him.

Just few weeks ago, he wanted to eat my chicken Afritada. To my excitement, I did cook directly without asking him when he wanted me to cook or eat it. When the chicken is cooked, I served to him. He was surprised when I serve him because he thought that he would tell me first before I cook.

But he thankfully eats it. I got very disappointed because he said; dear it’s not that“masarap”. I want more sticky sauce and more spicy. He was saying in a smiling face. I got hurt and cried after hearing what he said. I didn’t talk to him until he said sorry and the chicken Afritada was delicious.

But damage is done.

My husband sometimes chooses to lie when it comes to my foods than to tell me that he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want me to get disappointed/hurt. He’d better say it’s delicious even if not, than making me feel sad, hurt or disappointed.

We love eating so I must learn how to cook their Swedish foods. It looks easy to cook and yummy.


Mommy Liz said...

So he lies so you don't get hurt. What about in your part? mas gusto mo bang kahit hindi masarap ang luto mno eh sabihin nyang masarap para di ka lang ma hurt? eh di magtititis na lang siyang kainin ang luto mo kahit di nya gusto. I guess, for me, I would choose for my hubby to be honest para naman ma improve ko ang luto ko, if kulang ng spice, next time I can put more. di ba? Sensitive ka naman pala, hehehe.. I love Chicken Afritada. but my hsuband doesn't like it, kasi ayaw nya ng chicken na me buto..

Jenny Blogger said...

As in super dopper sensitive ako kaya mas pipiliin niya mag lie na alng para hindi ako ma hurt..hahaha

Ayaw din ng hubby ko ng my buto kaya hinimayan ko siya tapos ako kumakain ng buto..hehehe

Kim, USA said...

Ang dali talaga nating iiyak or ma hurt. Kasi we did our best tapos wala lang pala. Later on magka-adjust din kayong dalawa ako noon talagang one week walang imik dahil lang sa hinde kinain nag luto ko hahaha. Naloka ang hubby ko sa kakaisip where he did get wrong, sabi ko sa luto ko you didn't eat. Pero na wala din yun after the himas hehehehe!!

Couples Corner

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

hhehehe..kakatuwa yung hubby mo sis...pero dapat you'll tell him to tell the truth even though it might hurt you so that you'll be able to learn and improve the next time diba...but your hubby seems loved you so much not to see you hurt and sweet!

take a peek on my entry

f e R r y j H o i said...

nyahaha!!! cheers tayo Sis!!!
ganyan din ako!!! pero hindi naman ako bongang nasaktan nong sinabi nya, kasi ang tingin ko don sa mani over cooked talga!!! aminado ako!!!

Hindi naman kasi tayo perfect Sis eh, tao lang tayo na nag kakamali din paminsan minsan!!! hayaan mona madami pa namang time para magluto ka ulet at bumawi diba>>

Jen said...

Thanks mga wifeys sa mga comments and advices niyo. I'll tell to my husband about your advices on telling me the truth. It would hurt me but i think i can live with it and improve my ability to cook...

teJan said...

ayyy..nahuli ako..himo pa ko diay tonight..Ive been so gilaay. heheh

simply kim said...

that was so sweet.. he would choose not to tell the truth so that you wouldn't get hurt..

Cecile said...

oh he is very sweet; kaya lang he needs to lie to make you feel better...not my style though...i just hope is just trying to tease you :-)

texas_sweetie said...

oh oh, he sounds meticulous when it comes to foods, 'coz you have to consult first what to cook and when to cook it. but anyways, it's his way or what he likes... you have no choice but learn how to prepare their food.

mine is up too, hope you take your time checking it out!
When He Doesn't Like The Food I Cook

Jona said...

ikaw naman...ganon tlaga trial and error ang cooking. ako nga patatas lang nasunog pa haha!
sorry for my late CC at Heartifying