Apr 19, 2011

Baby Camilla

Last Thursday, I and Janeth visited our new mommy friend Shy and her little cute girl Camilla. We were there to meet personally her little girl. Of course out of our curiosity about everything of our friend Shy.

I had lots of questions and Shy answered everything with all her experiences and changes being a new mom. Her baby turns one month yesterday. Baby Camilla is really a good combination of Filipina beauty and Swedish German blood. The baby is really cute and adorable.

Shy, looking forward to meet you again and your baby. As Janeth said, we would be visiting her crib next time. Just tell me when you are ready to go out with baby Camilla.

Thanks for the food and for the company last week. Happy one month baby Camilla.


SHY said...

Thanks tita for making food for my mom to make a lot of milk for me :)..

JennyH said...

Anytime for you... Just tell me when do you want me to cook again ha..heheh

tejan said...

heheh..hindi ko pa na post ang visit na yon..grabe ang life ko ka busy this time:) see yah soon again!

Jenny Blogger said...

DOnt worry, just post it anytime..alam ko naman magagamit mo yong pic na yon soon...

vi ses