Apr 3, 2011

moving in

I posted here few months ago about our upcoming new apartment. My husband bought new apartment since this apartment that we're living in now is too old and seem always dusty even if i clean always.

Buying new apartment, house is not that easy. We need to choose everything. From the wall colors, the floors, the CR decorations or even the arrangements all over the new apartment. I did choose some of those things since as my husband said, I'll be the one who would decorate or arrange our things.

Just last week, we had another meeting with the builders. They asked if we wanted additional gadgets, beautification and lot more. My husband just ordered another two things. he said that some things are cannot just be ask by the builders. We could do it ourselves too.

We wanted to put our own choice of carpet and we wanted also to choose who could install it. Having our own choice of carpet would be perfect in our new nest but as of now we didn't find yet who could do our Carpet Installation. We know there are lots of installation agency but we wanted someone who could do what we really want. Someone who could deal and give us the acceptable price with beautiful results.

I'm excited to move in in our new apartment. Still few months until then but i already pack some of our stuffs. Isn't that excited?

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