Apr 3, 2011

his company

It's been a while since i had communication with my ex-brother in law. I could say ex brother in law because he and my sister were separated for many years now. What was the reasons behind their separations is not really my problem.

Having communications with him wasn't really my good to me but i couldn't just ignore him. I owed him a lot. He was the one who referred me to his Japanese boss to work in their company as company secretary. I worked in their company for 6 years and I'm thankful everything and everyone for they were so nice to me. Thankful for giving me higher salary than the basic salary in Philippines.

My brother in law still working as Civil engineer somewhere in China. But i didn't know that despite of earning lots of money on his profession, he is also doing and building his own company. He's good of designing a house (architect), drawing, communicating and dealing with other businesses.

Lately, i found out that his company is expanding well and has already few branches is his province. All his branches using the same corporate logo design designed by himself. It's really well designed and really fit on their way of business.

His son who is on his first year high school wanted to be like his father. He wants to design same logo as his father did. We wants to follow the footsteps of his father being a good designer, engineer, and smart person.

Thanks to my brother in law for the opportunity. Good luck on his expanding business and happy life on his new family. Good luck for everything. Hoping you could meet your son again soon.

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