Apr 14, 2011

my t-shirts for alumni

I mentioned here few times about our homecoming Griffinian alumni. I wasn't really sure before that this could be happen until just last week one of the organizer informed us that our alumni is confirmed and it would be on the 26th of May.

Having alumni isn't easy for all the organizers. They need to prepared everything from the list of things to do on that day. What are the activities? what would the food, the motif, the contest and etc. It's not all yet ready so all of us Griffinian are trying to help the best we could even if we're very far from each other.

Some of our organizers are trying to assigned some things that we could do. For me since i'm one of the school officers on my years and we had this kind of good records about our things that have done, i am assigned to purchase our t-shirts for our sports part. We have this all day activities where we would have some sports, contest and some beauty pageant. And our alumni would ended up with some disco party.

Since i am assigned to purchase thousands t-shirts for our day time activities, i must really sure and prepare that i could find all those t-shirts that they wanted me to purchase. I know that having this assignments is not easy but i would gladly help them to make this planned alumni come true. The difficult part of my task is to divide this thousand t-shirts into different sizes and how many in each size.

I am ready to give them my assigned task but i dont know if i could come since i have lots of things to be consider before going home and be on that particular gathering.

As of now, all i could wish is i could come and be with them. Have fun and it would be very exciting to meet again my batch mates way back 1995. I can't even sleep thinking of this and because of my excitements, i even somethings dreaming of it. Funny right?hehehe

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