Feb 25, 2011

want some?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Eating is one of my favorite things to do. hahaha Isn't not obvious why I'm gaining weight?

Anyway, i like to eat some kind of not really healthy food. I don't really care how many calories or how many pound i can get after eating the food. The important to me is i would be satisfied of the taste and i can be really full stomach.

In some foods like for example pizza, fried chicken/pork hamburger or even just pop corn, i used to have Tabasco. I really like Tabasco and having it would add my eating appetite. I like the so much more than hot spicy feeling while having Tabasco on my food. As in yummy. I love it...

I'm planning to have a party soon. And Pizza Perfected is the pizza that i'm going to serve with of course TABASCO® Original Red as my favorite one because it's really spicy and red because of the ingredients they use. because it's perfect with Tabasco on it. The

Plus one thing that i am excited about my planned party is that we're going to watch our favorite football team. The Super Bowl is just around the corner so watching it could be so much more fun and exciting with lots of Game-Day Party Menu foods.

I'm sure it could be so much fun and spicy feeling on my party.

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