Feb 22, 2011

tick bites

My sister’s boyfriend has been in the hospital for few weeks now because of just a small animal bite. He wasn’t aware that that small bite would result into staying in the hospital for almost a month now.This small animal call TICK (fästing på svenska) bites him. At first he just ignored it since it was seem nothing. I mean he didn’t feel anything wrong until he became weaker and weaker. He decided to go to hospital for some check up. He found out that the small tick bite cause his body weakness.Until now he’s still in the hospital and didn’t know yet when he could go home. My sisters really worry about his situation because the doctors didn’t allow him to use any electrical equipment in his room. My sister really hopes and prays that he would be better soon and could go home. Get well soon SS…

Small bite can cause big problem so don’t just ignore it if something bite you. Take care folks.


Laikka said...

hala no..katakot naman yan..oi!
oh, hopefully he will be well soon.

Nelson said...

The blog is very good!