Feb 28, 2011

expensive pair

I was not expecting that that accident happened to me when we were in Kaunas would cost me a lot. Cost time for keep on going to the doctors and cost money of course.

An accident happened when we were in Kaunas more than 3 months ago. I went to the doctor directly we came back here in Sweden. They didn’t tell me directly what the problem is. Until just lately I couldn’t bare it anymore. My foot is still aching badly especially when I go down the stairs.

I went to the doctors again and had another check up. At last I got the solution of my aching foot. I must have some supporting inside my shoes. I ordered it and after a week I got my very expensive foot supporters. It cost at least almost 10, 000 pesos for just this tiny pair. (See on the picture)... There‘s something special on these supporters. It’s little bubbly inside and with curving that fit on my foot curves.

I must have it on my shoes until the pain would be gone. At least two years… It doesn’t really matter if it takes years to have it but how about my fashion, my style, and my color combination? hehehe…

So folks, be careful of not having accident. Otherwise it could cost you a lot. Take care folks.


teJan said...

thanks for stopping by.
oj då! grabe ra ka simple no? kapalit naman ta ta ana ecco shoes..heheh! but chege lng basta makaayo...ay ang price makapiang pod..heheh

Gin Hansson said...

as in piang kaayo lagi price oy pero ok lang..sana makatulong sa far ok naman eh