Feb 23, 2011

hearts everywhere

Rodliz’s Nest
(with my sister)we became couple on this night

Hearts is everywhere is the topic of weekly Couple’s Corner. Love is in the air...Born for you. I was born for loving you baby and so on…

When I and hubby became couples, seem like the day was not complete without each other presence. Even before our official relationship, we made sure that we met up after my work time.

The day was never complete when we didn’t see. I felt so weak and not in the mood if we’re not together. But as they said and I even experienced it, heart is everywhere. When I was on the mall, I could see him smiling at me from nowhere, or walking in the other side, seating in just near me and so on. Its weird feelings but that was true.

When I listened to radio, all the love songs have its meaning. Even if sometimes it was not really fit in our relationship, I did really push it and convinced myself that it was about us. Watching TV and saw some foreigners, I already say something that it could be good for my longing self. I was very much KILIG when I heard someone saying something that he said or told me already.

I could recognize and feel him without seeing him by his t-shirts, his eyeglasses, his voice and his smell… I know him well I could say…

Love is always in the air when someone is in love. I could still remember the feelings, the kilig moment and some unforgettable happenings. Oh I love my man.

Falling hearts from heaven. Enjoy your CC entry couples


gengen said...

Love love love hhehe heaven talaga basta inlove right? Thanks for sharing. Happy CC!

Soulful said...

yeah! that's why those who aren't in love always pout, lol!

Mommy Liz said...

Super namang ka inlaban neto, nadaig ako, hahahaha! Bakit nga kaya ganon kapag in love, talagang lahat ng kanta, feelign love song, hahaha! ang mga mata mo, puro puso ang nakikita. Swerte rin natin noh? kasi we're lucky to have found the right men for us. oh ha?

teJan said...

ahahaha..perti oi..inlove jud ang babaye ai! hehe..happy cc!

Jona said...

korek! everywhere you turn and every song is a love song...naimagine ko si olive oil pag nakita si popeye, daming hearts sa mata haha! :D
CC:Hearts everywhere

AC said...

aww!!! sarap magbasa ng mga stories about love... na rerefresh tuloy ang love natin sa ating mg partners... =)