Feb 14, 2011

her version

It’s hearts day. All I can say is that, it’s not only today that we would celebrate heart day. Every day is love day and everyday is always Valentine’s Day.

I and hubby celebrated our valentine’s day just as normal day. We didn’t have special celebrations nor gifts but we know that in our hearts we’re both special not only today but every day.

Anyway, here’s a song sung by my brother’s girl friend Lenlen entitled “My Valentine”. Thank you Len for sharing this song to me and to all in your facebook account. Thanks also for sharing all your akapila songs…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


Sendo said...

happy valentine's day! God bless to us...let's celebrate love every single day! ^^

Jenny Blogger said...

Same to you...Have a great one

Phoebe said...

Belated happy Valentine's Day too! I used to love that song too way back first year highschool. But now, I can't seem to remember the lyrics when I am in the mood to sing.
do you want to join my ongoing contest ? See you po! :)