Feb 20, 2011

logo design

I posted here many times about my friend's new business. I'm very proud that I helped her in some small things on her growing business. I cannot help her personally but in some internet works, computer works, I can do it even if I’m miles away from her.

At first it was not easy for her to start her own business because she doesn’t have any experiences. She finished her four years business management in one of the best school in her place but finishing her course doesn’t meant that she could start easily a business.

But now she's thankful enough with of course the help of her family and friends that her company is expanding well and getting bigger and bigger. As of now, she's busy hiring more staffs, attending meetings, commercialize and managing her company.

One thing that makes here business growing and getting better is her company logo. She's a kind of perfectionist person and wanting to be at least almost perfect when it comes to her business. She wanted that her log would be done in some logo design studio so that it would be done well. And as a result it does done well. Very beautiful logo and very fit to her business

My friend I’m still wishing you more success on your business and like I always said, I’m just here willing to help you in all I can do...


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