Feb 16, 2011

unforgetable kiss

Rodliz’s Nest

Yes it’s CC one again again… This week topic is "our first kiss" makes me feel excited…hahaha of course it would be because it’s still fresh on my mind our first kiss.

How would I start to describe our first romantic kiss? Anyway, we’ve been dating for few months but were not really yet official couples then. One day, I and my sisters were planning to cook some special dinner and all of the sudden we came into our minds to invite my man.

He came earlier than our said time. So since our dinner didn’t ready yet, I decided to bring him to the top roof. We were living in condominium where there was a nice and undying beautiful view in the 10th floor. So I brought him there. We were just talking for almost an hour. Nothing really serious matter or topic.

Until…….. Ends up nothing to say…hahaha. I mean we were just quiet and looking each other with beautiful and tantalizing eyes...hahaha. So there it was happen. My ever first romantic and sweet kiss. I never had any kind of kiss before that so I felt so uncomfortable. It was not even a torrid one. I couldn’t look at him.

After that incident or unforgettable kiss, I was very sure that he truly loves me and I love him so dearly.

Our first ever romantic kiss is still the same romantic and passionate until today. I love to kiss and I love being kissed.

Happy Couple's Corner everyone.


Mommy Liz said...

talagang torrid ang kissing scene, hahaha! it's so nice to remember those sweet moments di ba? sarap balikan, especially those were kisses that you and your lovey dovey had shared..

Jenny Blogger said...

hindi nga torrid Liz in parang hard smack lang..hahaha

Rossel said...

ours were unforgettable too but not as romantic as yours.

Jenny Blogger said...

it's always be romantic when our dream man kiss us..heheh

of course romantic din yon sayo

lerra said...

aheheh..kinilig ako..very dramatic..hahha parang maimagine ko rin..heheh!

Genejosh said...

same here...ganoon siguro pag first time..nakakailang ...left me blushing and speechless but can't wait for the next one..LOL!

mine's here:

simply kim said...

same here. i love kissing and i love being kissed, lol!

Wifey10 said...

ai sarap nasa roof top! so sweet!
my entry here

Jenny Blogger said...

@Lerra...sus di jud makalimtan baya...sarap pala...hahaha

@Gene...feeling mo nasa langit ka pagkatapos no?

@Simply Kim... kissing with someone you love of course

@Wifey..ganda din ng view kaya sarap feeling pagkatpos ng kiss