Feb 10, 2011

MF, Sanna Nielsen

Melodi Festivalen is some contest here in Sweden. There are many well-known composers and artists (singers) who join the contest and the winner would represent Sweden into the Eurovision song contest all over Europe.

The first batch of singers was last week held in one city here in Sweden. On Saturday it would be Gothenburg’s turn. They would have it in Scandinauim where it takes only 10 minutes from where we live.

I really want to watch it on Saturday because it’s just near here plus my very idol singer Sanna Nielsen would be one of the singers. Oh I really like her…

I really hope any one of my friends here would follow me and watch it live. Otherwise I cannot watch it since my husband doesn’t want to go with me. It’s not because he don’t like it but his situation now would not be good to be in a crowded places like this.

Attentions to all my friends…want to follow me? Tickets are just 500kr.

Empty room, empty heart, since you've been gone, i must move on. ( Empty room is one of Sanna Nielsen's song where she sung in Melodi Festivalen 2008).

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