Jul 11, 2009

back to our place

Tomorrow will be our flight back to our place, Sweden. Our flight will be at around 10 in the morning (Hongkong time) and it will take 11 hours to Paris. Paris stop over is only 2 hours then another 2 hours flight to Gothenborg (Sweden). So all in all we will be at home at almost middle of the night.

I miss our place, Gothenborg (Sweden). The swedish food, swedish weather, friends and ofcourse our lovely home. I'm sure i will be busy in some things to do when i come home. My husband will still have 1 more week vacation until he will be back to work. And as of me, i maybe have 4 more weeks before my schooling start. I don't know yet because i don't read yet my school letters.

So fellow bloggers, see you guys next time. I can have more time now to my blog (pr n/a) which i must update everyday and ofcourse i can reply all the comments and messages that my bloggers friend left to me. So long farewell, until next day.

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