Jul 6, 2009

Comfortable for your baby

My sister who is on her way to become a mom on November ask me an advice about babies staff particularly strollers. She's having difficulties of her pregnancy so i tried to help her what will be the best or fit to her future baby.

Ofcourse my sister is very excited to have her first baby even if she don't know yet what will be the gender.From her first month of pregnancy, she already look what kind of infant or toddler clothes for her baby.

She like to take a walk before and even now that she is pregnant. So since she like it, she can still do walking even she will have baby already. She can just use a baby carriers for her baby and walk where they would want.

If my sister's baby can seat or eat alone herself or himself, there is also a very good quality booster seats or high chair that the baby can seat and eat the food comfortable. My sister's husband like to travel using their car so they're looking also for a good car seats that the baby will be comfortable to.

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