Jul 26, 2009

car part

My brother in law is looking for a steering rack and a steering box for his car. He's looking for a good quality steering for him not to change for at least few years.

He called my husband and asked if we could help him finding a good quality products for his car. He really need it as soon as possible so if we could he wants us to know also if the part of the car that he's needed is on the stock and ready to ship the time he will purchase it. It's important to know also if there's warranty and if he do need to pay for the shipping or if its free.

We found the car parts that he is needing with good warranty service and it's on stock, ready to ship anytime and shipping is free. I hope that all the information's we found can help him to purchase the steering the sooner the better.


alfafriend001 said...

I hope that the parts you find to be quality, not as parts that I found in my country, in fact I bought a new pot for the exhaust pipe for 15 days full splits, and it was costed about $ 40 haha, I am then took part in the shop where I bought it, part was in 3 pieces, all we smiled sweetly, dealer he gave me a new second part, and I put it on my car. Production of this very bad acts was the Italian

alfafriend001 said...

Hi Jenny, I sent you friend request on facebook, I found your profile, just very sweet to you in the image profile you and your husband together, this is my very sweet, they should and other couples to follow your example.

Jenny said...

You had a bad luck about your car parts.. But don't worry you can find a good quality one in that site up.

Thanks for the invitations. I ask my husband to open my facebook account. Thanks for the request. Good day

alfafriend001 said...

Thanks Janny, I do not like each call for a friend on my facebook, but you I look just fine as a person and really save me a nice, honest and open, set your family, and I wanted to call you.