Jul 27, 2009

killing time

I started my day today little bit late. When my husband left at work around 5.45am today, i directly went back to sleep, as i always did.

I woke up very tired and can't help to just sat down in the sofa and did nothing. I felt very bored directly i woke due to i don't do anything. Since i don't have school yet, i don't know what to do directly i woke up.
I check of course my blog, replied messages and still cannot stop feeling bored. I like to sing and i sing almost everyday so i grabbed my magic sing book, and sung at least more than 50 songs. Many, right? Singing is my one way of killing my bored time. One of me and my husband's favorite is Making Love Out OF Nothing at All, sung by air supply. Love it.

Here are some of the songs that i sung today and the music video of air supply singing our favorite song.


S-H-Y said...

I love thi song too, but d ko kayang kantahin LOL.

Jenny said...

sus ikaw pa..yakang yaka mo yan no..hehehe

alfafriend001 said...

very nice, singing is a healthy, singing through the empty negative energy and so far of course, here there is a folk proverb that says: "he sings, he does not think evil" :-)

Jenny said...

I like singing and i believe that sayings..hehehe

Thanks my friend for the message