Jul 26, 2009

looking for good web hosting?

My blog site is one way of my personal identity. Some of my friends or relatives can find me here through my blog account. So anyone or everybody can have their own site or web where it's easy to communicate with each other.

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alfafriend001 said...

very nice and helpful information, thank you Jenny

Jenny said...

hope this can help to're welcome my friend

Jennifer said...


I would recommend "HostGator" for your web hosting because it's very cheap and reliable. Their support service is awesome. This company offers site building tools, application vault, web mail, antivirus, Php, MysQL ,e-commerce and hosts unlimited websites in one plan. Don't go for free web hosting.They are not reliable. Check it out here (read the User Reviews):

alfafriend001 said...

Thank you very much Jenny, your information, this will certainly help many people, I know that free options are not reliable, but sometimes some people have no choice, at least to start, and later is definitely recommended to switch to a pay option