Jul 13, 2009

hemma nu!

Hemma nu(home now)...We got home just last night at around 23.00. Due to our long and many hours flight, we directly got into bed and fell asleep. But even if we're so much tired, we woke up very early in the morning (6.30 am). We cannot sleep more because maybe of the time difference from where we've been and maybe because of tiredness.

We dedided to have coffee and surf the net and maybe back to sleep later since we don't have any special things to do today. We maybe just go to supermarket and buy some foods or other staff that we need.

On the other hand, i will unpack our baggages and put it where our things belong. Before traveling, i like to prepare and pack our bags and when we came home, i like also unpacking and look the things that we've bought and brought.hehehe

I will post soon some of my vacation activities and some things that i've done wherever it was be (my province, Manila, airport and maybe some things that i think its fantastic and etc.).


teJan said...

ang ako pasalubong fweeeeeend.....! heheh! welcome back gurl! we miss you so much!

Jenny said...

TeJan-hahaha pasalubong ka diyan... Joke... my tuyo akong pasalubong sayo..hehehe.

Thanks for welcoming me back. When can we meet again? Kantahan na!!! Miss you guys too..

S-H-Y said...

Tuyo akin na meron akong mongo pa dito..welcome back girl I miss you mwah, see you soon, kw na magdecided kailan tau kita kaso c Janet may bakasyon sa Denmark this coming friday.

Jenny said...

Shy-hahaha laway laway. My pusit and hipon na tuyo akong dala. Wala ako månads kort kaya hindi ako lalas,hehehe. Ask ko muna hubby ko if when tayo pwede. Baka next week na siguro.

Thanks for welcoming me back. See yah too soon...