Jul 18, 2009

beautiful creatures

When we was traveling from Silay airport (Bacolod) to my hometown (Minapsok), it was not really as tired as we could thought. Of course it was few hours until we got home and it was too hot due to the sun shined too much. On our way, I felt already that i was about to came home because of the views that we've been passed through. The beautiful mountains, the beautiful volcano, the green sugar cane plantations, the different kinds of trees and a lot more.I was still amazed when i saw them all. I thank the Lord for all the beautiful creatures He had done for all of us.Directly when i arrived at home, i smelled and felt the freshness of the air from our surroundings. It was too much fantastic that i couldn't helped was to just closed my eyes and smiled.

It was nice to be home even if it was just few days.


alfafriend001 said...

very nice pictures, clouds, sky, nature, really wonderful, thank you for your comments on the pictures of my daughter, she has a lot of nice pictures yet, but I can not put these pictures on my page due to technical reasons

Jenny said...

All of that pictures is given and created by God...

That pictures of your duaghter's is really beautiful. how i wish i could paint also..heheh

David Funk said...

Very beautiful pictures. It really is great to see the surroundings you grow up in with these photos my dear friend!:)

Jenny said...

Thank you my friend. Thats the place where i came from...hehehe

alfafriend001 said...

haha, I must say that I know very well draw a picture, once I design a lot of pictures, but now I do not have time for it, although I wish to appear as you hehe

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Jenny said...

Wowow very long message. Very well said my friend. Thank you

Prince Zatya said...

nice picture..where the location?