Jul 10, 2009

was our day

As yesterday at around 9.45 am, me and my husband arrived (back) here in Hongkong. We had an early flight and the airplane was on time (this time).

We check in directly to our reserved hotel here in Kowloon city hk due to our tiredness. We don't sleep enough the night before our flight due to some reason. For me i was too much excited to go back here again in Hk. Same as my husband, he couldn't sleep as well. He just read his book until around 2 in the morning and woke up at 4.00am. We had our alarmed at around so he just sleeped atleast 2 hours.
Our flight was 8.00am so we must be at the airport (the new NAIA terminal 3) two hours before departure. We arrived here at HK international airport 10 minutes earlier than the arrival time.

Later today, we will go to the famous night market here in Hk. I'm excited because it will be my first time same as my husband. The last time we was here, we couldn't find this market.

This mean, shopping again...hehehe


teJan said...

yahooo!!!! excited nako sa inyong pag-abot! velkommen tillbaka!!! Hianut nga ang akong 3in1 wala makalimti..or else huhuhu!
Amping friend and vi ses så snårt!

Jenny said...

Net - hala excited ra ka sa imong 3 in 1 ha..hehehe..syempre wala makalimti tanan nimo nga gipapalit kay gaan ra man tanan..hehehe

Vi ses nästa vecka...